Project Info

Our Project “e-Organic” will be carried out by a total of six institutions; Bahri Dağdaş International Agricultural Research Institute (BDUTAEM-Coordinator Institution), Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education (KİMEM) and Konya Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry (KONTOM) from Turkey, National Sheep Association (NSA) from the UK, Actyva Sociedad Cooperativa (ACTYVA) from Spain and Humus, rete agricola sociale per la bioagricultura italiana (HUMUS) from Italy. The studies has started on 31.12.2020 and will be completed in 24 months. A total of 16 people (trainers, researchers, academicians, experts, technicians), 5 from BDUTAEM, 3 from KİMEM, 2 from KONTOM, NSA, ACTYVA and HUMUS, will participate in the studies. Throughout the project, international meetings will be held in Turkey (BDUTAEM, 5 days in March 2021 and 2 days in October 2022), Italy (HUMUS, 5 days in September 2021), Spain (ACTYVA, 5 days in March 2022) and the UK (NSA, 5 days in June 2022). Learning/Teaching/Training activity (LTT) (will be hosted by NSA, 5 days in June 2021) will be organised in the UK. As multiplier event, activities will be carried out in each country in September 2022. The first 3 months of the project will be preparation, the following 12 months will be completing academic studies and intellectual outputs, and the remaining 9 months will be implementing these outputs and remedying deficiencies.

Concrete intellectual outputs of the project will e-Lectures, e-Platform and e-Book. e-Lectures will include main topics on organic livestock as 1) History, 2) Legislation, Certification and Policies, 3) Ecology, 4) Breeding, 5) Health and Welfare, 6) Reproduction, 7) Nutrition, 8) Farm Management, 9) Ethology and 10) Food Safety. Lecture topics will be prepared by the project team and uploaded to the e-Platform. In addition, e-Lectures will be turned into e-Book and e-Book also will be uploaded to the e-Platform. Organic farm visits will be held at the meetings, and interviews and video footage with farmers will be uploaded to the platform. In order to promote and disseminate the project, leaflets will be printed and social media accounts will be created. Web based and mobile compatible e-Platform will be prepared in Turkish-English and will be available free of charge to the target audience for 10 years. In addition, the language option will be added to the platform so that it can be translated into some European languages (such as Italian, Spanish, French and German). Thus, the target audience speaking different languages besides Turkish-English will be enabled to benefit from the platform. Domain and hosting costs, usage and encryption rights of e-Platform will be purchased by BDUTAEM for 10 years, and all necessary legal measures will be provided to protect the platform. At the end of the study, we will obtain concrete intellectual outputs (e-Lectures, e-Book and e-Platform), which we call “e-Organic” and of which all rights belong to the financial sponsor of the project.

Organic Action Plan Report for IFOAM 2015: Wants to create digital platforms to increase national/international knowledge sharing in organic animal husbandry in 2020 and beyond, the UK to open its know-how to international sharing and, to increase Spain's international cooperation. IFOAM Organic 3.0: Has identified one of the strategic goals for the development and implementation of different-new ideas (innovation) for the adoption of good practices and the inclusion of more farmers in organic production. EU 7th Framework Program Final Report: Indicates that organic production is insufficient against the increase in the number of organic markets, that more producers need to make organic production, before this, it is appropriate to provide training of technical personnel and then direct the producers to organic production. In addition, the importance of gathering the information obtained from organic livestock was emphasized. Turkey National Action Plan for Organic Farming: Indicates the need to educate the target group which is one of the most important actors for the development and dissemination of organic farming. Because of this and similar calls, the national and international target audience of the project will be Veterinarians, Agricultural Engineers and teachers working in public (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Turkey and Agriculture/Livestock vocational schools, high schools and similar ministries in other countries).

During this period and in the next 10 years: dissemination and public ownership of the Project, increase in professional, scientific and institutional capacity, internationalization, contribution to the promotion of the partner countries, cultural exchange, production of new projects, organic, animal welfare, environmental and food safety awareness, training of technical staff, training of breeders, increase in organic animal production and its acceptance in the society are expected.